Out in the Sea – Annick

First I was scared to go out to sea. My brother encouraged me to so I did it and I loved it! My favourite part was when the waves came and we shouted “wasabi!” as it took us along with it.

Getting ready to make a splash!

I went to the turtle farm but the turtles there were big but the people said they were tiny. They were big to me because I saw some this small!!!

The size of a baby turtle
The size of a baby turtle

in Cuixmala, Mexico, that I helped to hatch!!!

6 thoughts on “Out in the Sea – Annick”

    1. I’m not sure about surfboarding yet because the last time I tried in Costa Rica I was too young. Maybe I will try when I go back to Sydney 🙂

  1. Hi Annick! I am sooo proud of you for being a risk taker! We miss you very much but we are so excited to see you so happy and having so much fun !
    Sending you lots of hugs!

    1. I’m having a great time and I will never forget the class. What are you learning about right now? I have a lovely house in the place that we are staying and I think I will soon become famous because we are traveling for a year and not many people get to do it. When can we do a Mystery Skype? Asher is doing one with Bloom 4/5 this Thursday morning.

    1. No, it was because Asher shouted “wasabi” and then a wave came so I said whenever a wave comes let’s say “wasabi”. Would you like us to send you a video of Nesi’s birthday? She is turning 3 in 3 more days only!!! YAY!!!!


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