Day 35 – 37 by Asher

Scuba Diving

This week was full of excitements, just because of the SCUBA (Self Contained Underwater Breathing Apparatus) diving. I enjoyed diving at the Riviera, and I saw many, many cool things, including a barracuda the size of me and a moray eel! I also saw many beautiful angel fish and parrot fish. Swimming at the beach was also so exciting.

At the pool in our apartment place I made the most amazing catch, one handed, jumping, and leaning back a lot!


Setting up my equipment
Suiting up
Getting in the water
Getting my BCD (buoyancy control device) on
Ready for descent!



4 thoughts on “Day 35 – 37 by Asher”

  1. Thanks Grandpoo, I am having a lot of fun here. The water at the Riviera starts at 5 metres, it then drops down to 10m, 15m, 20m, and quite a bit more. I have only been down to 12m, which is the limit for me as a PADI Jr. diver (10 to 14 years old).

    The water was very clear, all the way to the bottom. It was really beautiful.


  2. Asher your dive was fantastic!! Now I know what’s the meaning of SCUBA. You seem to have grown overnight to be such a big boy!! Have more fun in your adventure!

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