Week 15 (April 11 – 17, 2016)

We needed some off time so mummy got a recommendation: Grootbos. The place with Great whites, shrubs and trees, and Xbox. The most unusual mix.

Grootbos is an awesome place. Grootbos is an Afrikaans word that translates to Big bush. The staff are so kid-friendly, sorry, the whole place is so kid friendly. The drive was a bit boring, apart from the beautiful scenery along the ocean road. We took the ocean road there and the slightly shorter one through the mountains to get back home. The first day, the day we drove to Grootbos (2 h 30m-3h), was a particularly relaxing day, and we had a nice lunch outside. In the afternoon we had a 1 and a half hours 4×4 drive around the reserve and Fynbos. Fynbos is another Afrikaans word that translates to little bush. The guide talked to us about the plants, and the ecosystems etc. We got to the room just before dinner, and guess what? It had an Xbox 360!

The next day we spent a wonderful lunch on the beach, we played around in the freezing water (4 degrees celsius-max 20 degrees celsius), played with a ball they packed and ate great food. In the afternoon I played xbox. Too bad mummy is feeling sick. Steak and chips in front of the movieTurbo, about this snail who falls in a racing car’s engine and accidentally gulps down nitrous oxide. The result is winning the Indy 500.

Mummy is still incredibly sick. We were supposed to go cage diving with the great whites, but we didn’t go with mummy throwing up throughout the night. Oh, and it’s daddy’s birthday today! We went to the stables about 3 times, just to check on the rabbits and brush the horses and scratch the pigs. Yummy pork belly for lunch. I played xbox with Nicky most of the time in the afternoon.

Today we went shark diving. We saw maybe 5 sharks reaching a maximum of 5 meters many times. But I threw up on the boat, so enough talk about that. We drove home the shorter route through the mountains, and I am still a bit sick after that ride.

Sunday MA arrived! Lots of fun! Picking platter for lunch, presents after lunch. I got Pictionary and Pokemon! Really good pulls. Afternoon relaxing, Sausages and Chook for dinner.

And on the day before we went to Grootbos we climbed Lion’s Head! Wonderful experience. We did it in about 4 h 27 m (up and down), and we will try and beat if we go up again. Nesi climbed all the way by herself!

Really wonderful week, with ma arriving and Grootbos and all the barbecues daddy has cooked so far have been awesome.

Signing off for now,


DSCN0465 DSCN0453 DSCN0452Nicky was the only kid there that went cage diving that day

DSCN0451 DSCN0450 DSC05500


Me feeling seasick and then throwing up
Me feeling seasick and then throwing up


Boat we went shark cage diving on
Boat we went shark cage diving on – it had 1000 horsepower!

DSC05475 DSC05458 DSC05449

On the beach near Grootbos
On the beach near Grootbos
The fat pigs on the farm
The fat pigs on the farm
Nesi riding on Dapper
Nesi riding on Dapper
Deadly puff adder
Deadly puff adder
At the peak of Lions Head
At the top of Lions Head

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  1. That us really interesting, Ash. You are a lucky boy to be having these experiences.

    Who took the photos? Was it Dad, or are you taking some yourself?

    Do you keep a trip book too, or are you only recording electronically?

  2. Wow, Grootbos sounds like a great place! But poor mommy 🙁 I hope she’s feeling better and will be 100% soon!

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