I Am A Certified Diver!


I am so Happy I can dive! I am going to go Scuba diving not often, but every now and then. The last 2 dives we did on the 7, it was really choppy and there was quite a lot of swells. I enjoyed the dives we did on the last day, but the water was really rough and getting out two guys at the Riviera had to lift us out of the water,  with our equipment on. Diving was an incredible experience, and I loved it.


2 thoughts on “I Am A Certified Diver!”

  1. Dear Asher,
    Did the Baracuda your size just stay still with a creepy stare because I know how scary that is. I hope that you had a good time scuba Diving to see all these amazing fish like the angel fish. I saw that you got your licence about two days ago on that certificate. Congrats!! I am looking forward to hearing about the next amazing things that you encounter this year.

    From Max

    1. Hi Max,
      How are you? I am glad to talk to you. The barracuda actually swam around us for like 5 minutes, about a metre away from us. I am so excited for the rest of my trip and I hope to talk with you soon. We should arrange a FaceTime time or something for this week.


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