Week 13

This week was a return back to “school”, and it is actually quite nice that we are settling down for a while, as we have been on the move a lot the past 6.5 weeks, around Amazon and Pantanal in Brazil as well as on safari in Namibia. I really liked Franschhoek (beautiful wine country 1.5 hours from Cape Town), and again, it was really nice to just relax and just stay put for a while. So we left Franschhoek at 11ish, drove for a while then stopped at a restaurant, where I had Scrumptious Lamb Chops with Roast Spuds. It was a really nice area, with lush green fields where we could play and run around. So after lunch we drove the 40 minutes back to Cape Town. The house we got is really nice, and literally on the rocks, about 5 metres away from the closest part of the ocean. 3 bedroom house, with a hot tub. So the next day we really just stayed home and did nothing. The rest of the week was a blur of schoolwork and Fun. We got back into school work the 2nd day in CT, and we have decided weekend is Monday and Tuesday, so museums and cinemas and shops etc. are not as crowded. We have a barbecue, so dada cooked a barbecue multiple times, including hamburgers on a cloudless day outside. We have been going to a place called Baked every single day so far, for coffee and snacks, and it is really good. It is really good and fun here, and just relaxing after 2 months of travel feels really good.

More talk next week,